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PAD-RSTB - Black
Radiation Safe Telephone Handset for iPhone 4 / iPad
Enjoy the nostalgic and comfortable feeling of a classic phone with the
Radiation Safe Telephone Handset from CTA Digital for iPhone and iPad.
The slim and stylish telephone handset features a spring retractable cord
that connects to any 3.5mm jack. This radiation free handset is also a
safe alternative to holding your cellular device near your head, if youre
concerned with limiting how much radio frequency energy you are
exposed to. Using the handset with your iPad for Skype, video chat and
internet phone calls is perfect when you want the convenience of being
able to pick up the phone and enjoy the privacy of a call in your ear. No
uncomfortable headsets needed. You can answer and also easily hang
up the phone by simply pressing the built-in answer/end button and setting the phone
down. So, whether you are looking for an easier, more comfortable way to make calls
or miss the feeling of an old phone, you will find an answer with CTA Digital’s
Radiation Safe Telephone Handset for iPhone and iPad.
Features Include:
- Slim and stylish, easy to use spring retractable cord handset design
- Radiation safe handset protects from cellular radiation during telephone call
- Great for Skype or internet phone calls with iPad
- Elegant light-weight design, so you can use anytime, anywhere
- Includes a built-in answer/end button, simple convenient operation
Specifications: Package Includes:
- 3.5mm audio connection (1) Telephone Handset
- Compatible with iPhone,
iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad or
other device with 3.5mm jack
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 5 9 0.875 6 07 656777012403
Master 20 10 6 20 8.5 Ibs 10656777012400
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