Download CTA Digital The Real Balance board Attachment for Wii Fit Balance Board

Tilt-Board Attachment
With our easy to use Tilt-Board attachment, you will be thrown right into the game! Your skills will
be tested in snowboarding and skateboarding games like never before. By placing the Wii™ Fit™
balance board on the Tilt-Board attachment, your overall game experience will be pushed to the
edge, literally. The Tilt-Board allows you to bank and tilt as you play your games by using your body
weight to carve a turn, or avoid an obstacle. All you do is connect the Wii™ Fit™ balance board
onto the tilt-board, and control it by shifting your body weight. The tilt-board attachment for the Wii
™ Fit™ balance board adds a much more realistic quality to playing any balance board compatible
Features include:
• Using the Wii™ balance board for skateboard and snowboard games.
• Could be used for balance training, independent of games.
• Non-Slip Base (for use on carpet or hardwood, or tile)
• Holds Wii™ Remote within the board, in flush compartment
• Bottom will not scratch floors
• Wii™ MotionPlus™ and Wii™ Fit™ balance board compatible
Compatible with the following Nintendo® Wii™ Games:
• Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
• Marble Saga®
• Shaun White SnowBoarding: World Stage™
• Shuan White SnowBoarding: Road Trip™
• Skate It™
• Wii™ Ski and SnowBoard®
• We Ski™
• Skate City Heros®
*Wii Remote, MotionPlus and Balance Board not included
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