Download CTA Digital KIN-WMC game console accessory

Camera Clip hal Wall Mount
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Mounts To walls or
adjusts to fit most TV's
The XBOX 360™ Kinect and PlayStation® Move are both ground breaking consoles in motion
gaming. Make the most of this new and exciting technology with the Universal Camera Clip &
Wall Mount for the Kinect Camera & the PlayStation Eye from CTA Digital. The Kinect Camera
and PlayStation Eye both perform optimally centered on top of your TV. The beauty of the
Universal Wall Mount & Clip is that it easily mounts either your Kinect Camera™ or PlayStation ES
Eye'", to your wall, or the top of your TV. It also gives you the freedom to switch from Kinect to |
Move in seconds, never having to remove the clip from where it's mounted. With the Universal
Wall Mount & Clip from CTA Digital, you can rest assured that your Kinect Camera and PlaySta-
tion Eye are safe, and perfectly aligned for the best motion gaming possible.
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Features include:
* Mounts to walls or clips to most TV's.
* Lined with padded foam to protect your TV. The ONLY
Specifications: Camera Clip & |
* Compatible with Kinect Camera™ & PlayStation® Eye. Wall Mount for >
Clip adjusts from .5” to 4.5” in width to fit most TV's. PS Move & | |
Po CIA adjusts
unts to W
E dis a screen TV's
Package includes: Kinect
* (1) Universal Wall Mount 8: Clip for the Kinect Camera á PlayStation Eye
* (2) Screws
Quantity | Width | Height | Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 4 7 2.75 5.8 02 656777011987
Master 40 15.5 18.5 14.5 16 Ibs 10656777011984
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