Download EVGA 131-GT-E767-ET motherboard

= \/ c A X58 SLI3 Part Number: 131-GT-E767
USB 3 & SATA 3/66 The EVGA X58 SLI* 3 Motherboard brings all the performance from award-winning EVGA X58 lineup
with the added benefit of USB 3.0 and SATA Ill 6GB/s!
The EVGA enthusiast board layout ensures that 2-way and 3-way SLI® configurations are compatible
with all chassis. With addition of the Next generation USB 3.0 and SATA | 6GB/s ports you now have
all of the expandability for what you have now, but also devices you may have in the future.
ge rr CEL РР — * Supports Intel? Core" 17 1366 Processors ® 2 SATA lll 6.0Gb/s Ports, 6 SATA Il 3.0Gb/s Ports
e Intel® X58/ICH10R Chipset * 2 1394 Ports (firewire two onboard)
* 6 DIMM Triple-Channel DDR3 1600MHz+ (up to 24GB) * 8 Channel High Definition Audio
e Supports 2-way SLI? and 3-way SLI? or CrossFireX" * 2 USB 3.0/2.0 Ports, 12 USB 2.0 Ports (8 1/0, 4 Internal)
| “7 EVGA E-LEET Tunina Utili == Passive Chipset Heatsink DIMENSIONS
| Ни onboard CPU Temperature SPN E- uning lity - = | e Width: 9.6in - 243.8smm
= Monitor - - Enthusiast software for adjusting ~~ No fans, lower noise, e Lenath: 12in - 304.8
, = Monitor your CPU tems quickly 2 I lonaer lifespan еп: те ‘Эти
II and easily 2 overclocking in 0.5 — ger resp e Form Factor: ATX
100% solid State Gapacitors - EVGA EZ Voltage Read Points - EVGA Dummy OC - ACCESSORIES
1 WO Ya Higher quality, longer lifespan : Easily read voltage levels with ) Overclocking at the touch . EVGA Driver Installation CD with
+ = dedicated read points of a button EVGA E-LEET
* Rear Case I/O Panel
e 2 SATA Data Cables
EVGA Vdroop Control - Onboard Clear CMOS, Power, ; way and 3 way Su Bridge
Improves overclockin | and Reset Buttons - US
В и, 9 system essentials o 2 Port USB/1 394a Firewire Bracket
stability at the touch ofa bution * Visual Installation Guide
* Manual
\sFAC7,, = {ZB
This product is covered under EVGA’s warranty which covers parts and labor. Je CORE oo)
“о For more details on the warranty length and terms of this specific product, is READY LECT
please visit
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