Download Formac Disk Mini Portable Drive 250GB USB 2.0

Formac disk mini USB 2.0
ultra slim storage systems
Formac disk mini USB 2.0
The Formac disk mini range was developed as a solution for
storage portabillity,flexibility and performance. Available in large capacities of up to 250GB the Formac disk mini is an ideal companion
for everyone. A durable, sleek design with fast USB 2.0 ports that also
power the drive (so no need for external anpower supply), the disk mini
series also feature an integrated shock absorption suspension system to
protect the drive from the affects of day to day portable usage prolonging
the life of your drive, with an optional, high-quality Tucano sleeve distinguishing the Formac disk mini as an outstanding versatile product.
Whether using your Formac disk mini for backup and transporting
of important data, or for simply housing your music archives, the
Formac disk mini fits everyone who attaches importance to their data,
tability, first class performance and a stand out design.
Technical specifications
Order No.
FUO20080-0 (80GB white)
FUO20120-0 (120GB white)
FUO20160-0 (160GB white)
FUO20200-0 (200GB white)
FUO20250-0 (250GB white)
FUR20080-0 (80GB black)
FUR20120-0 (120GB black)
FUR20160-0 (160GB black)
FUR20200-0 (200GB black)
FUR20250-0 (250GB black)
1X Mini USB 2.0
Transfer rates
480Mbits/s USB 2.0
up to 48MB/s USB 2.0
Operating conditions
10° to 35° C, 20% to 80% humidity
(no condensation)
Rotational speed
5400 RPM
4200 RPM (200GB drive)
Cache size
Dimension & weight
129mm x 92mm x 22mm
System requirements
Mac OS 10.x
Windows 2000 / XP/ 98SE/ Me;
Intel Pentium II 350MHz compatible
or greater
Apple G3/G4/G5 or Intel processor
Box content
Formac disk mini, USB 2.0 Y cable
2 years
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