Download Targus Protective Skins for iPod video (60GB)

Product Specification Sheet
Protective Skins for 60GB iPod with video
Part #: ABE07EU
Product Description:
High quality silicon skins provide complete protection of
your iPod video (60GB). The skin includes an integrated
stand allowing the iPod video to stand upright enabling
you hands free video viewing.
Allows easy access to all iPod video (60GB) functions
and includes an armband making this the perfect
accessory for life on the go.
Product Features and Specifications:
High quality silicon skin – Keeps your iPod video safe and protected
All iPod video functions accessible – Your iPod video remains fully functional even when
Built-in stand – Perfect for use while viewing videos
Includes, screen protector, armband & 2 skins – Perfect for use on the move
Product Name
Protective Skins for
60GB iPod with video
System Requirements iPod video (60GB)
Model Number
2 years
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
45 g
Black & White
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.