Download Mitsumi 7in1 USB Media Drive Internal

7in1 USB Media Drive Internal
„ Read CompactFlash™ (Type-I/II), Microdrive™,
SD Memory Card™, MultiMediaCard™,
Memory Stick™, Smart Media™, and 3.5" FD
„ Simple installation at the internal FFD port of
your computer
„ Operate like a further drive in your computer
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The Multifunctional Talent with USB 2.0 Port
The MITSUMI 7in1 USB Media Drive Internal is a space-saving solution for
various multimedia cards and floppy disks, right in your PC. The drive can be
simply connected to the standard floppy interface of your PC and is recognised by your computer as a further drive. Use the 7in1 USB Media Drive
Internal just like you would a normal hard disk for data, photos, MP3s and
much, much more. Not only will you be able to read and write floppy disks
and memory cards, you will also be able to directly transfer data between
floppy disks and memory cards.
Technical Specifications:
Supported OS:
Transfer rate:
Power consumption:
Available Colours:
Supported formats:
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PC/AT compatible PC with FDD port
Windows 98®/98 SE®/2000®/Me®/XP®
ATAPI/USB (standard Floppy interface and USB port on motherboard)
FlashMedia 12Mbps maximal, Floppy disk 500Kbps maximal
500 mA max.
110mm (width) x 28mm (height) x 140mm (depth)
beige, black and silver
CompactFlashTM (Type-I/II), MicrodriveTM*,
SD Memory CardTM, MultiMedia CardTM,
Memory StickTM, Smart MediaTM, 3.5” FD
*Microdrive™ and FD cannot be used simultaneously.
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System Requirements:
PC with minimum:
PC/AT compatible PC with a free standard floppy and USB interface on motherboard
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