Download Mitsumi FQ 670 Optical Wheel Mouse, Black

FQ-First Quality Line
FQ 670 Optical Wheel Mouse
FQ 680 Scroll Wheel Mouse
You can navigate precisely in all applications for up to at least 1 million mouse clikks with the MITSUMI computer mice, in compact and ergonomic construction. Soft,
flexible mouse cords ensure the greatest possible disruption-free movement, and the
modern design, combined with advanced technology, offers an abundance of areas
of use – at home, at the office, or on the go.
FQ 670 Optical Wheel Mouse
Ergonomic construction, exclusive design with the most modern optical sensor technology for precise work on nearly any surface – without a mouse pad! No more tiresome cleaning, either, as the mouse no longer has a mouse ball.
FQ 680 Scroll Wheel Mouse
You can scroll up and down quickly and easily through the screen contents in any
application with the integrated scroll wheel on the MITSUMI Scroll Wheel Mouse.
The soft, flexible mouse cord offers the greatest possible disruption-free movement.
The high reliability of the MITSUMI Scroll Wheel Mouse, with over 1,000,000 mouse
clicks (right and left mouse button) guarantees a long product life.
Model number:
Cable length:
FQ 670 Optical Wheel Mouse
about 1 million clicks
PS/2 Interface
approx. 1,80m
FQ 680 Scroll Wheel Mouse
about 1 million clicks
PS/2 Interface
approx. 1,80cm
System Requirements:
PC with minimum:
Pentium® II 300MHz processor, 64MB RAM, minimum Windows 98 SE®
Windows® compatible PC with PS/2 port or USB port
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