Download Sapphire RADEON 9200 ATLANTIS(11015-27-20)

Fueling Tomorrows Imaginations
Accept the challenge to liberate your creative mind with the unmatched value afforded by the price vs. performance
champion, the RADEON™ 9200 ATLANTIS. With full support for DirectX® and OpenGL, the RADEON™ 9200
ATLANTIS ensures a seamless gaming experience.
Never Underestimate the Effect of Hardware Innovation!
Driven by the worlds most impressive Video Processing Unit (VPU) in its
class, the RADEON™ 9200 ATLANTIS with up to 128MB of DDR memory
and support for AGP 2x/4x/8x injects incomparable realism into today’s
most compelling gaming environments!
© Experience dazzling visuals with the fastest 30 graphics in its class
© (uad-pipe architecture delivers high performance features
€ Full support for AGP 8X standard doubles bandwidth
€ Advanced support for digital and high definition video
€ Dual monitor support
Pixel Processing Power
High performance of the RADEON" 9200 Series is matched by competi-
tive features and extra horsepower to deliver barrier-free entertainment.
© Four rendering pipelines for the fastest 30 gaming performance in its class.
+ Full support for the AGP 8X standard doubles bandwidth for more
engaging characters and environments.
€ Up to 128MB of DDR memory for today’s demanding effects and animation
Redefining Realism
RADEON" 9200 Series sets new levels for visual realism in graphics and video content
4 SMARTSHADER™ supports Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 feature sets,
enabling more complex and realistic lighting effects.
© SMOOTHVISION™ delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without
sacrificing frame rates.
4 FULLSTREAM™ produces smoother-looking, higher quality streaming Inter-
net content without putting extra strain on the CPU.
€ VIDEO IMMERSION" integrates features to provide unprecedented support
for digital and high definition video.
Monitor Management
Choose your own RADEON™ 9200 adventure with highly customizable
display features.
«€ HYORAVISION””, AT'S multi-monitor management software, effortlessly
organizes and controls multiple display configurations.
+ Integrated display controllers to drive two monitors simultaneously.
System requirements
* Requires Intel® Pentium® &4/111/11, Celeron™, AMD K6/Duron™
[Athlon®/Athlon® XP or compatible with AGP 2X (3.3V), AGP 4X (1.5V) or AGP
2X/4X universal slot
+ GAMB of system memory
+ Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
+ DVD playback requires DVD drive
+ 500Mhz minimum processor speed for MPEG-2 video capture
Graphics controller
+ RADEON" 9200
Memory configuration
+ 64MB or 128MB DDR
Operating system support
+ Windows® 98
+ Windows® XP
+ Windows® Me
+ Windows® 2000
Monitor support
Ф ОУН (16 pin VGA dongle adaptor included)
+ VEA 15pin connector
+ Svideo connector for TV-output
Display support
+ 2 display (VGA and DVI) can be connected and active simultaneously with either a
another VGA monitor (Dongle included), TY or LCD monitor.
+ S-video, cable to TV-otput
+ VGA-DVI Dongle included
VIDEO IMMERSION, CHARISMA ENGINE, and HYORAVISION are trademarks and/or registered trademark
of ATI Technologies Ine. AI other company and/or product names ara trademarks andlor registered trademarks
di their respective owners. Features, performance and specification and specifications may vary by operating
enironment and are subject to change without notice. Produets may not be exactly as show.
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