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AWE57CA | Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat™
The Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat is specifically designed
to cool up to 18” high-performance laptops. This cooling
system features three ultra-quiet, highly efficient fans with
bearings that have twice the rated lifespan than standard
cooling device fans. An adjustable fan speed dial features
precise, tactile control so it’s easy to adjust the cooling
level without taking your eyes off of the laptop screen. The
durable aluminum alloy grill is lightweight and cool to the
touch. Its industrial, perforated design was built to improve
heat dissipation while the laptop is in use. Advanced
airflow straighteners help focus the air right where you
need it most while reducing air turbulence for more
targeted and efficient cooling. The non-skid elastomer feet
provide a stable grip so the chill mat does not slide while
the laptop is being used. So you always know when it’s
powered, a convenient LED indicator light is positioned on
the front corner of the device.
HydroDynamic triple fan system keeps up to 18 highperformance laptops cool
Precise dial to control fan speeds to optimize cooling; Maximum fan speed is 3000 RPM; Advanced
airflowstraighteners focus the airflow directly where its needed for efficiency; LED power indicator light
confirms when Chill Mat is on
Grill is constructed of aluminum alloy; Features elastomer feet which provide a nonskid surface for stability
Product Name
Targus HD3 Gaming
Chill Mat™
Model Number
Street Cost
Limited One Year
2 lbs
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.