Download Miele DA 6690 D Technical data

Activating Con|ctivity 2.0
To deactivate the rangehood:
^ Switch off the fan, the cooktop
lighting and the cooktop.
^ Touch the run-on sensor ¢ for
approx. 10 seconds until the 1 sensor
lights up.
^ Touch in turn
– the 1 sensor,
– then the IS sensor,
– and finally the cooktop lighting touch
control I.
If Con|ctivity 2.0 is activated, the 2
and 3 sensors will light up constantly.
^ To deactivate Con|ctivity 2.0, touch
the 1 sensor.
After successfully deactivating the
rangehood, the indicator lights for the
power levels "II" and "III" will flash
^ Confirm by touching the run-on
sensor ¢. All the indicator lights will
go out.
^ Deactivate the cooktop.
For information about this, please
refer to the Operating instructions for
the cooktop.
The reactivation of both appliances will
subsequently be possible.