Download Miele T 6185 Operating instructions

Warning and
safety instructions
Caring for the environment
In the event of a fault or for cleaning and
maintenance the gas control valve must
be shut and the gas emergency control at the
meter shut off.
Disposal of the packing material
The transport and protective packing
has been selected from materials
which are environmentally friendly for
disposal and can normally be recycled.
Accessory parts may only be fitted when
expressly approved by Miele. If other parts
are used, guarantee, performance and product liability claims may be invalidated.
Rather than just throwing these materials
away, please ensure they are offered for
Disposal of your old machine
Old machines contain materials which can be
re-cycled. Please contact your local authorities or scrap merchant about potential recycling schemes, before disposing of the
Ensure that the machine presents no danger
to children while being stored for disposal.
All personnel working with this machine must
be fully trained in all aspects of its use and
Keep these operating instructions in a safe
place and make them available to current
and future users.
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