Download Samsung SHR5160500 - Electronics Gvi - Dvr 16ch Mpeg4 120ips Real Time User manual

Alarms keep continuously issued
so you cannot cancel using the
ALARM button.
 Press the MENU button and do the following:
1) To cancel Event Monitoring: Monitoring > Event
Monitoring Duration Off
2) To cancel Buzzer: Event Record > Alarm (Motion
Detection/Video Loss) > Alarm-Out.
3) To cancel Event: Event Record > Alarm (Motion
Detection/Video Loss) > State Off.
Pressing the PTZ button in Live
mode receives no response.
 Check the Protocol and other setup values through
Menu > Camera > PTZ Device match with the PTZ
When you connect several
IEEE1394 armored HDDs to the
DVR through Menu, the DVR cannot
recognize all the HDDs.
 It requires time to recognize several armored HDDs.
Please try again in a few minutes. If retrial makes no
improvement, HDD could be abnormal.
Please exchange the HDD.
displayed on the screen.
 This message is displayed if the internal clock in
DVR has problem. DVR will not work in order to protect
You cannot connect to the DVR
through Smart Viewer.
 Check if 3 Smart Viewer users are in connection with
your DVR. The DVR allows no more than 3 users’
connection with Smart Viewer at a time.
 Check the Network setup of your DVR.
 Check Network cable connection.
 When you use DHCP/ADSL(PPPoE) for connection,
please check if you get the right DVR MAC Address.
 If your DVR is connected to the ADSL network,
please check if the bandwidth is set below 600
Kbps. If the Bandwidth for ADSL is set to high, the
connection with Smart Viewer may be instable due
to the heavy network load because the ADSL speed
is low.
Smart Viewer in operation is
 If you change information such as time, network
setup, HDD format, Default Setup, or HDD
attachment or detachment for your DVR, the current
Smart Viewer will be automatically disconnected.
 Check the network connection. Smart Viewer, if
disconnected from the network, will try reconnection
up to 5 times. If it remains unconnected after 5 time
trials, it will automatically give up connection.
 As far as your DVR is connected to the ADSL
network, you may be disconnected from Smart
Viewer when the network conditions go worse.
recorded data in HDDs. Please consult with an expert who
works for the shop where you bought the product.
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