Download Emerson NR40 Owner`s manual

Playing Compact Discs
Note: Although this CD player can read CD-R and CD-RW discs, in addition to
normal CDs, however the playability of CD-R/RW discs may be affected by
the type of software that was used to create the discs, as well as the quality
and condition of the blank media you are using. 100% playability cannot be
guaranteed. This is not an indication of a problem with the player.
Raising And Lowering The CD Door
• Manually raise the door until it is fully open. The door support bracket will hold
the door in the open position.
• To close the door pull the door support bracket toward you to release it and
lower the door.
1.) Turn the ON/OFF-VOLUME control clockwise until a ‘click’is heard, and set
the volume to a low level.
2.) Set the Function selector (AM/FM/CD) to the CD position. The CD track number
display comes ‘On’.
3.) Open the CD door. Lift the CD clamper
arm, remove the transit card which was
used to secure the laser during shipment
and dispose of this card.
4.) Place your disc on the CD spindle with the
printed label side facing up and lower the
CD clamper arm.
5.) The disc will spin for a few seconds while the player
reads the disc, then the disc stops and the display shows
the total number of tracks on the disc.
8/11/2004, 10:05