Download Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten 902-187 User's Manual

 se Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
faster, more thorough, and safer cleaning method
The Eclipse ProsKit" Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more thorough, and safer than any
other cleaning method. It is powerful enough to remove heavy oils, waxes, or proteins,
penetrating deep enough to de-flux circuit boards, yet gentle enough to clean delicate
precision assemblies. Eclipse PresKir® Ultrasonic Cleaner is leak-proof, easy to handle
and safe to fill. The digital models feature a microprocessor controlled thermostat and
digital readout which offers you maximum control of the cycle time and temperature all in
one setting. With a touch of the
control you can set and monitor exact
cleaning cycles for up to 99 minutes,
= Tight fitting lid design for effective noise
* Product's durability and safety is ensured
by enhanced water resistance,
« Cleans discs such as CDs, VCDs, DVDs,
* Use only plain tap water to dean.
= Removes dirt effectively; results can be
seen with naked eyes!
= Clean articles to shine just like new.
Stainless steel tank
Plastic baskel
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