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Instruction Manual
Box Contents
* Audio Vault Speaker System
* iPode Brackets
* Instruction Manual
Battery Installation:
1. Open the battery door on the main speaker casing.
2. Insert 4 “AAA” batteries into the battery compartment.
3. When inserting the batteries follow the polarity (+ and -) symbols that
are marked on the compartment base, close the battery door.
iPode/MP3 Installation:
1. Connect your audio source (iPode, iPode videoe, nanoe, minie
or any other MP3 player) to the unit by plugging the built-in 3.5mm
audio cable to the headphone input/audio output on your audio device.
2. When placing your iPode into the Audio Vault make sure you choose
the proper iPode bracket. The Audio Vault includes different brackets
for different sized iPod’se. Each iPode bracket has an iPode name
for which it should be used. For non-iPode MP3 players choose an
iPode bracket that securely holds your MP3 player inside the Audio
iPode Video 30gig — — — — — — — —
iPodemini — — — — — — —— —
iPods nano — — — — — — — _ _
iPode and Video 60gig — — — — — — —
require no bracket ——
NOTE: Standard iPod’s® and iPod® video 60gig do not require any
bracket for the iPod® to be used with the Audio Vault.
: The New Sound
Speaker Operation:
. Turn on the speaker by sliding the power switch located inside the
Audio Vault to the “MUSIC” position, the blue LED will light to
indicate the Audio Vault is powered on.
2. You can now close the Audio Vault and control your iPode using the
transparent window located on the front of the Audio Vault. The Audio
Vault's transparent window allows you to fully control your iPode
without having to remove your iPode from the Audio Vault.
When using non-iPode MP3 players, you may have to set the controls
of the MP3 player before placing it into the Audio Vault.
. To turn off the speaker, slide the power switch to the “OFF” position,
the blue LED will turn off.
Wake to iPode Operation:
The wake to iPode feature allows you to use the music on your iPode as a
personal musical alarm system.
. Set the alarm settings on your iPode following the instructions that
came with your iPode player.
Slide the power switch on the Audio Vault to the “ALARM” setting.
. The Audio Vault unit will stay in sleep mode until your iPod'se alarm
goes off.
4. When the alarm goes off, the Audio Vault will play the last song that
was selected on your iPode. You can set your iPode to your favorite
song before the alarm goes off if you choose.
When using the Wake to ¡Poda feature your iPode should be powered
on while it's inside the Audio Vault. Your iPode will automatically go
into sleep mode to preserve the iPod’se battery life.
Маке sure your iPod’se volume is at a suitable level before the alarm
goes off.
* There will be 3-5 seconds time delay from when the alarm goes off and the music
starts playing.
* The volume of the Audio Vault is always controlled by the connected audio device.
* The wake to iPode music feature will not work with non-iPode audio devices.
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