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­­­Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No: TCH-061-002
Effective Date: 1/29/2013
Cancels: N/A
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Approved Service Tool for Bendix VORAD® VS-400
Forward Looking Radars
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is the sole service
support provider for Bendix™ VORAD® VS-400 Forward
Looking Radars (FLRs), and Driver Interface Units (DIUs).
As a result, only the Bendix® ACom® Diagnostics software
(version 6.4 or later) is authorized to be used to service
the system.
Use of any other software — including any previously-used
programs, such as the Eaton® Roadranger® software — is
no longer permitted, and can potentially result in system
malfunction(s). The practice of reprogramming the radar
or DIU using non-approved software is NOT permitted by
Bendix and any warranty claims resulting from the use of
non-approved programs will NOT be honored.
Bendix™ VORAD® VS-400 Forward Looking Radar,
and Driver Interface Unit
Please refer to BW2771, the VORAD® VS-400 Troubleshooting
Guide, for detailed technical information and download the
latest free Bendix ACom Diagnostics software from the
support area of the Bendix website (at
For any questions, please contact the Bendix Tech Team at
1-800-AIR-BRAKE, option 2, then 1.
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