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Compatto XL Pack
Super light completely foldable backpack
PRICE : € 19.90
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No hands free? Don't know where you put your latest purchase? Don't worry! With Compatto XL Pack, a few simple actions allow you to
have the perfect backpack.
Super-light and extremely strong, it can carry up to 15 litres. It is made from water-resistant treated nylon, so that your gear is always
kept dry.
Folded in upon itself, within the zigzag-stitched pocket, it transforms in just a few seconds into a light pouch that can be kept always at
hand in another bag. The special graphics in the front make it instantly recognisable when folded.
Extra light backpack made of water resistant technical fabric
Capacity: 15 L
Packable, to occupy a minimum space, folding itself into the pocket
pointed out by the zigzag stitching
Attachment strap for trolleys
Packed dimensions: 29 x 19 x 5 cm
External Size (cm)
Internal Size (cm)
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