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MAGNESE 1wire Mini DP to DP (M-M) - 2m Black
Model Number: MA-402038
Product Information:
The MAGNESE® Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 2m Cable offers
connectivity for high definition digital equipment and high end
monitor displays.
Removing the inconvenience of additional adapters and cables.
Using top of the range components and shielding the Magnese
digital cable range ensures you exploit the full investment of your
digital display.
Product Specification:
Connectors 1Wire Mini DisplayPort (M) to DP (M) 2m
Connect any Mini DisplayPort-equipped laptop (including the Mac®
Suitable for family of products) to an HDTV, monitor or projector that uses a
standard DisplayPort connection
Length 2 Metres
Colour Black
Resolution 1920x1200, HDTV 1080p
Further Information:
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Package Contents
Poly bag
Magnese 1Wire Mini DP(M) to DP(M) 2m
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