Download SBS TEBOOKIP647K mobile phone case

Book case for iPhone 6
Product code: TEBOOKIP647K
Book case in PU for iPhone 6 4,7', black color
Thanks to Book case of SBS do not have to worry about finding an alternative protection for touchscreen of your smartphone: the cover
with book folding allows you to protect it from scratches and dirt when not in use. The opening of the front is easy, fast and immediate:
with a simple gesture you can access all the functions of your phone. The case protects the entire surface of the smartphone, allowing to
obtain a complete protection in all situations of use. Embed a hole for the camera and flash LED so you can take pictures anywhere in the
digital time.
made in PU material
opening front with magnetic closure system
hole for camera and flash led
access to volume keys and connectors
it protects touchscreen and body at the same time
Book case for iPhone 6
Product code: TEBOOKIP647K
Product features
Type: Book case
Material: PU
Internal material: Soft and anti-scratch
Finishing: hole for digital camera
Enclosure: Magnetic
Color: Black
Height: 180 mm.
Width: 95 mm.
Depth: 22 mm.
Weight: 83 g.
Number of products included: 1
EAN: 8018417205460
Amount: 6
Height: 140 mm.
Width: 105 mm.
Depth: 215 mm.
Weight: 500 g.
Amount: 54
Height: 340 mm.
Width: 255 mm.
Depth: 485 mm.
Weight: 7200 g.
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