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Palmo One Premium
for iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen., iPad 4th gen.
DESIGNED FOR: iPad 4th gen., iPad 3rd gen., iPad 2
PRICE : € 79.50
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High protective hardshell case for iPad 3rd generation (compatible with iPad 2) covered with real Italian leather. Embedded in the front
cover there is a Smart Magnet which waked up and puts the iPad in sleep mode when you open and close the cover. Palmo is
convertible in a stand with infinite angle viewing and typing positions, thanks to a innovative pivot system developed by Tucano. The
MagLocker magnetic system hangs the cover on the back. The inner lining is made in soft anti-scratch material.
Real Italian leather.
Elegant and minimalist design.
Rigid back shell for maximum protection.
Convertible in a stand with infinite angle viewing and typing
Rubberized top for enhanced grip.
Anti-scratch inner lining.
Camera lens hole on the back.
External Size (cm)
Internal Size (cm)
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