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hi- loveclassic
Sizes: men and women
Composition: 85% acrylic, 12% polyester, 1%
elastane, 1% metal fiber, 1% other fibers
Colors and sizes: Dark Grey, White Black, Light
Grey, Grey, Bordeaux (Man/Woman)
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hi-Glove Classic are warm gloves that allow you
to use any touch screen devices without ever
taking them off thanks to the conductive material
on the fingertips.
With hi-Glove Classic, you no longer have to fear
the cold in winter! Warm and comfortable, these
gloves allow you to use your touch scren devices
(smartphones, mp3 players, tablets...) without
removing them because they are made with a
special washable conductive fabric. hi-Glove is
available in many classic and neutral colors for
men and women, but that perfectly adapt to kids
sizes too. Choose the one that best matches your
capacitive material
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