Download CTA Digital PAD-POTTY

Make potty training fun and easy! Compatible with iPad 2
and iPad (3rd & 4th
with all
Apps |
Securely holds iPad
in place so your kids
can enjoy their favorite
Apps while keeping
your iPad protected.
Touchscreen: a
~ protector -
Age Range
18 Months +
Child Proof —
your iPad! |
Removable seat Vertical viewing option _ ue Unscrew knob to tilt the stand to the desired inclination
Parents can give children a comfortable and fun place to go with the child-friendly iPotty from CTA Digital. It features a special stand to securely
hold the iPad and safely entertain kids while they play with apps. The adjustable stand can be rotated 360° to switch between horizontal and
vertical views and also includes a removable touchscreen cover to guard against messy hands and smudges. Parents will be pleased with how
simple it is to keep the iPotty clean and minimize messes, with its removable inner potty bowl, potty seat, and splashguard. A clip-on seat cover
can be attached to convert the potty to a child activity seat, so they can safely play apps, read and watch videos on the iPad at any time. The
stand can also be adjusted to 3 positions or removed entirely to make extra room and easily store away. So, take a step ahead in potty training,
delight children and make the learning experience easy and fun with CTA Digital's iPotty for iPad.
Features: | | о Package includes:
« Comfortable and child-friendly potty with activity stand for iPad (1) iPotty for iPad
Adjustable stand securely holds and helps protect iPad while kids play (1) Removable Potty Bowl with Handle
« Easy to clean with removable inner potty bowl, potty seat and splashguard (1) Removable Potty Seat
* Clear touchscreen protector guards against smudges and messy hands (1) Attachable Seat Cover
« 360° Rotating stand easily switches between horizontal and vertical views (1) Attachable Splashguard
» Clip-on seat cover converts potty to child activity seat for use any time (1) Adjustable Stand for iPad
« Conveniently adjust stand to 3 different positions or remove if needed
(1) Removable Screen Guard Cover
This product is protected by two or more
« Compatible with iPad (3rd & 4th Generation) and iPad 2 U.S. Patents and/or national patents,
* For children 18 months and up with other U.S. and foreign patents pending.
» Supports up to 43 Lbs.
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Packaging 1 18.75” 10.75” 125 2.7 656777012977
Master 4 29.75 19.25 11.25 15 10656777012974
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