Download CTA Digital 3DS-CD battery charger

For many gamers, the battery life of the Nintendo 3DS
™ just doesn’t cut it. Fortunately you can double the | DOUBLE YOUR
battery life of your 3DS with CTA Digital's Portable > |
Power Battery Pack. What makes the battery pack so |
unique is it's internal lithium ion battery, which doubles your power, acts as an external battery and also a wireless charger
to the 3DS stock battery. It also has a built in stand so you can position your 3DS just the way you like it. Once the battery
pack is fully charged using the included USB cable, you can play and recharge your 3DS anywhere, without any wires.
Simply attach the battery pack to the back of the 3DS, push the power button and your all set! Unlike other 3DS external
batteries, there's no assembly required, and no need to unscrew and tamper with the back of your 3DS. The 4 blue LED
lights on the right indicate it's power status and when it's fully charged the red light on the left will turn green. This way you
know exactly how much power you've got, and if you find yourself with no power at all, the battery pack acts as an external
battery to power the 3DS. So with the Portable Power Battery Pack for Nintendo 3DS™, you can enjoy the freedom of
gaming for hours wherever you want.
Features Include: Specifications: Package Includes:
* Blue LED lights indicate the battery pack charge level. * 5 hours for a full battery pack charge (1) Portable Power Battery Pack
* Red light turns green when the pack is fully charged. * 2 hours to fully charge your 3DS (1) 42” USB Cord
* Have extra power for your 3DS when traveling. * Input: DC 5.0 V, 400mAh
- Integrated Stand for an optimum viewing angle. * Output: DC4.8 V, 800mAh “3DS Console not included.
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 4 7.25 1.5 5.65 oz 656777011789
Master 40 14 10 19 16 Ibs 3 0z | 10656777011786
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