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Protective Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap for iPad
The iPad is revolutionizing how we interact with technology, view entertainment and connect with
our friends and family. Now easily carry it everywhere you go hands-free using the Protective
Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap for iPad 2 and the new iPad from CTA Digital. The comfortable
strap securely attaches to the protective carrying case so you can take your iPad wherever you need
to go, keeping your hands free and your iPad easily reachable at any time. The protective cover will
ensure that your iPad is undamaged and free from scratches while traveling, but still giving you
access to all the ports and controls for charging or listening to music. The protective case also
features a built-in stand so wherever you stop, you can set your iPad down and enjoy it in a
comfortable desktop setup. Enjoy taking your great iPad apps, games and movies wherever you go,
hands-free and easily, using CTA Digital’s Protective Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap for iPad.
Features Include: Specifications:
- Protective case for iPad
- Comfortable shoulder strap for carrying hands-free
- Easily carry and use iPad on the job, commutes and travel
- Protective case provides access to ports and controls
- Includes built-in stand
Quantity Width
Single 1 8.25
Master 20 11.3
CTA Digital, Inc. 49 South Second Street, Brooklyn, New York 11249
- Compatible with iPad 2 and the
new iPad
Package Includes:
(1) Protective carrying case
(1) Removable shoulder Strap
Depth Weight UPC Barcode
1.25 1 165 656777012397
26.5 22.5 lbs 10656777012394
Tel. (718) 963-9845 | Toll Free (888) 733-4448 | Fax. (718) 384-3509
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