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Car Seat Mount for iPad
The mobile touch screen power of the iPad is revolutionizing how we interact with technology, view entertainment and connect with our
friends and family. Now comfortably enjoy all your apps, games and movies on the road with the Car Seat Mount for iPad from CTA
Digital. Easily attach the car mount to the back of driver or passenger side seats on most car models. Simply pull up the pillow on your
headrest, latch on the secure car mount buckles and lock in place. The stand can be rotated to either set the iPad in a landscape or
portrait orientation. Release the stand lock and adjust to fit the iPad with the padded grips. Lock the stand back in place when the iPad
is firmly secured and you'll be ready to go! Perfect for taking your iPad on long road trips and commutes. So, enjoy watching videos,
playing games and taking advantage of all the powerful apps in your car with CTA Digital’s iPad Car Seat Mount.
Features Include: Specifications: Package Includes:
- Comfortably enjoy iPad apps, movies and games - Not intended for drivers or dashboard use (1) Car Seat Mount for iPad
in your car - Please do not store in wet or hot area
- Attachable to a variety of car model seats - Do not use chemical solvents to clean this product.
- Adjustable for portrait or landscape orientation For cleaning, wipe gently with damp cloth
- Compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 6.75 9.5 3.5 12 oz 656777012434
Master 10 10.5 14.5 18.7 9 lbs 1065677701243!
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