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Bluetooth Keyboard
with Telephone Handset
Bluetooth Keyboard
Telephone Handset
Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone Handset for iPad
The iPad is revolutionizing how we interact with technology, view entertainment and connect with our friends and HE It has a great multi-touch
tablet system, but don’t you miss the feeling and ease of typing on an actual keyboard and making phone calls with an actual telephone handset?
Using the Bluetooth® Keyboard for iPad with Telephone Handset from CTA Digital you can bring back this comfort and convenience to your iPad
experience. Enclosed in an elegant aluminum case and designed like a laptop this keyboard features a full sized QWERTY layout. The case includes
a stand and slot to conveniently place your iPad in either the landscape or portrait style orientation, perfect for your video chat or typing preference.
The keyboard connects wirelessly to your iPad via Bluetooth® and can also easily be used with an iPhone or Apple Computer. It has a built-in high
capacity rechargeable lithium battery that allows for a long standby time and can be charged simply using the included USB charging cable with your
original iPad AC adapter or connected to a computer. A full charge will let you use the keyboard for up to 40 hours! Another great and convenient
feature when using this keyboard is it includes a built-in set of quick shortcut keys for many common iPad operations such as the home button,
search, lock, photo gallery, cut, copy, paste, brightness, volume and playback controls. When your iPad goes to sleep in power save mode, you can
also easily wake it up by pressing any of the keys on the Bluetooth Keyboard. The padded keyboard case also allows you to safely rest your iPad
face down over the keyboard when not in use for easy carrying and protection.
The slim and stylish telephone handset rests easily by the keyboard and connects via a 3.5mm audio adapter cable and a spring retractable cord.
This radiation free handset is also a safe alternative to holding your cellular device near your head, if you're concerned with limiting how much radio
frequency energy you are exposed to. Using the handset with your iPad for Skype and internet phone calls is perfect when you want that nostalgic
feeling of using a physical handset or the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and enjoy the privacy of a call in your ear. You can answer
and also easily hang up the phone by simply pressing the built-in answer/end button and setting the phone down in its base.
So, whether you need to make a private call or type up a letter with the ease of actual keys, using the Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone Handset
for iPad from CTA Digital you can enjoy the practical convenience and familiarity they bring to enhance your iPad experience.
Features Include: Specifications: Package Includes:
- Wireless Bluetooth® Keyboard connection - Built-In high capacity rechargeable (1) Bluetooth Keyboard
- Laptop style keyboard with QWERTY layout lithium battery with long standby time (1) Telephone Handset
- Built-in shortcut keys for iPad (Home, Search, Volume and more) - Charging Time: 2 hours (1) 3.5mm Audio Adapter Cable
- Attachable 3.5mm Radiation Safe Telephone Handset - Battery Time: Up to 40 hours after being (1) USB Charging Cable
- Stand supports Landscape or Portrait style iPad orientation fully charged
- Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, the new
iPad, iPhone and Apple Computers
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 9 12.125 0.75 1 Ibs 6 oz 656777012380
Master 20 13 10 18 29.5 Ibs 10656777012387
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