Download CTA Digital Racing Wheel For PlayStation Move & DualShock

 Looking for a futuristic looking, yet distinctly retro feeling firearm to accompany your gun-
based Move games? Look no further than the Perfect Aim Pistol for PlayStation Move! Aside
from its sleek and elegant design featuring stylish orange highlights, the matte finish makes
the gun both easy on the eyes and hands. The body is also made of an extremely
lightweight material, so the fatigue that usually accompanies light-gun
based controllers is a thing of the past. Simply insert a Move Motion
Controller into the body and you're good to go!
Features Include: Package Includes:
* Perfect for racing based PlayStation 3 titles * (1) Steering wheel cradle
* Accommodates either the Move Motion or
DualShock 3 controller
* Holds controller safe and secure
or Dual
ho 7334 ono
| Quantity | Width Height | Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 8.25 9.5 2.5 7.25 07 656777011369
Master 10 20.5 14 От 8 165 10656777011366
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