Download CTA Digital Grip with Silicone Handles for Nintendo 3DS

T you want the familiar feel of a console controller on your Nintendo 3DS™,
you'll need the Grip with silicone handles from CTA Digital. With extended
use handheld systems can tire and cramp your hands, shortening the gaming
experience. With the Grip for Nintendo 3DS™ this is not an issue. Whether you're
racing cars or playing your favorite first person shooter, the added grip and comfort
will help you maneuver your way through games with precision. The Silicone handles keep the 3DS secure
in your hands during even the most heated gaming. When you need to rest your hands from all the intense
gaming, you can prop up the grip by using the integrated stand. The handgrip stand has 2 angles for opti-
mum gaming or viewing positions. So with the Grip from CTA Digital you can enjoy all the freedom of a
handheld console with the comfort of a controller.
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Package Includes: § CONTROLLER BE
(1) Grip for 3DS
Features Include:
* Integrated Stand with 2 angles.
* Light-weight and comfortable design.
* Full accessibility to all the 3DS buttons.
*3DS Console not included.
* Scratch resistant .
* Comfortable to play with.
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Quantity Width Height Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 4.5
7.5 4.5 oz 656777011918
Master 40 16 10 9.65 Ibs 10656777011915
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