Download CTA Digital Cleaning Kit for Nintendo 3DS

Eva Travel Case
Cloth Wipe
TRE ve
Screen Protector Kit Microfiber Tote Bag & Wipe
The Cleaning & Protection Kit for Nintendo 3DS™ includes everything you'll need to keep your 3DS"" clean, and
protected while on the go. The EVA travel case has a durable, scratch resistant finish and a soft, plush interior
custom tailored to the 3DS™. The Screen Protection Kit prevents scratches and other damage to both the 3D and
touch screens, and if theres dust on the screens or lenses you can use the dust blower & brush to clear it away with
ease. You can also keep your screens and lenses crystal clear with the tote bag and cloth wipe. So if you want the
ultimate protection for your console, CTA Digital's Cleaning & Protection Kit for Nintendo 3DS™ is just what you're
looking for.
the ile ie 4
Features Include:
* Cleans and protects your 3DS"M.
» Organizes your games and accessories.
* Prevents scratches.
*3DS Console not included.
Quantity Width
Single 1 6.5
Master 40 12
Package Includes:
(1) EVA carrying case
(1) Tote bag/cloth wipe
(1) Screen protector kit with cloth wipe
(1) Dust blower & brush
Height Depth
4 1.325
1979 16.25
Weight UPC Barcode
4 oz 656777012069
14 Ibs 10656777012066
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