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Body Configuration
The PlayStation Move naturally lends itself to more realistic
gaming, yet to truly feel what it's like to be in the midst of
combat, serious wargame enthusiasts will need CTA Digital's
Sniper Rifle for Playstation® Move in their arsenal. The Motion
move controller is simply placed in the forearm, and the rest of
the accessory can be customized to suit the player's preference
or the game requirements.
The scope, rear stock, and muzzle are easily detachable, trans-
forming the full-sized rifle into a smaller, shotgun-sized firearm.
There's also an included sniper bipod attachment to allow for
steady, low to the ground aiming, and also an attachment for
accommodating the Navigation controller if the game calls for
one. The options are simply limitless, and the feeling of
authenticity cannot be beat.
Features Include:
Supports the PlayStation® Move
motion controller.
Package Includes:
» Suitable for a variety of combat titles. * (1) Sniper rifle body
* Highly customizable body configuration. * (1) Attachable muzzle
* Also allows addition support for the * (1) Attachable stock
PlayStatione Move navigation controller.
* (1) Attachable scope
*PlayStation® Move Motion Controllers not included. * (1) Sniper bipod attachment
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Packaging 1 18.75 10 3.125 2.2 656777011505
Master 10 20 22 16.5 12 10656777011502
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