Download CTA Digital Adjustable Camera Mounting Clip for the PlayStation Eye Camera

The PlayStation® Eye Camera has optimal performance on top and center of your | AS
TV, and with today’s ever thinning flat screens, this can sometimes be difficult. CTA a
Digital brings you the Adjustable Camera Mounting Clip for the PlayStation® Eye
era Mounting Clip
Camera. The Camera clip safely secures to the top of most flat screen TV's, and QE Ce playstation Move
keeps the PlayStation® Eye Camera mounted in the perfect position for all of your Jun
PlayStation® Move gaming.
* Clip adjusts from 1” to 4.25” to fit most flat screen TV's.
› Safely secures your PlayStation® Eye Camera to the top of your TV.
* Lined with padded foam to protect your TV. =
* Sleek and elegant design. ur A
Package Includes: an и
* (1) Camera mounting clip for the PlayStation® Eye Camera
*PlayStation® Eye Camera not included.
Quantity | Width Height | Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 0.970 6.5 2.5 4.6 oz. 656777011659
Master 20 13 13 14 3.5 Ibs. 10656777011656
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