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Keyed Cable Lock with Stand for iPad
The iPad is revolutionizing how we interact with technology, view entertainment and connect with friends and family. It’s easy to take
anywhere, but it's also a valuable item that you wouldn’t want to leave unattended. Now you can, and have more peace of mind, by
using CTA Digital’s Keyed Cable Lock with Stand for use with all iPads. The silicone padded frame securely holds your iPad and locks
together with the 70” steel core security cable allowing you to leave your iPad anywhere that you can safely fasten it to while you step
away. When youre ready to take the ¡Pad somewhere else, simply use the included key and release the lock. This is ideal for
dormitories, offices, schools and other public areas where you might take your ¡Pad and leave it momentarily. The secure padded
frame case also helps protect the iPad from bumps and scratches. It provides a wrist friendly 15° tilt angle for desktop use and can
easily be hand held. For additional convenience use the included stand, which provides full 360° rotation for optimal viewing in portrait,
landscape or keyboard orientations. The frame can even be threaded with a strap and attached to a headrest for easy car use. So,
comfortably enjoy taking your iPad anywhere, worry less about losing it and protect it from thievery or damage by using CTA Digital's
Keyed Cable Lock with Stand for iPad.
Features Include: Specifications:
- Security cable and frame let you safely lock your iPad anywhere - 70” PVC coated steel security cable
- Steel core security cable with T lock and fastening loop - Compatible with all iPads
- Silicone padding protects from bumps, dings or scratches
- Optional stand included with easy 360° rotation Package Includes:
- Adjustable stand allows for optimal viewing in portrait, landscape or keyboard orientations (1) Lockable padded frame
- Frame provides wrist friendly 15° tilt angle without additional stand (1) Security cable lock
- Easily attach to headrest with strap for car use (2) Keys
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 8.375 11.125 3 1.33 0Z 656777012571
Master 10 12.5 18.625 17.375 18 165 10656777012578
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