Download CTA Digital Multifunction Charge Station for Nintendo 3DS/DSi/DSi XL

3DS / DSi/ DSi-XL} @
Includes 3 foldable ports to charge multiple DS Consoles
If youre looking for a stylish and convenient way to recharge your 3DS™ DSi™, or DSiXL while organizing games,
styluses, and managing content between SD cards and your computer, then we've got just what you're looking for! CTA
Digital introduces the Universal Media Station for the Nintendo® 3DS™ DSi™, or DSiXL. Transferring music from your
computer to your 3DS™ has never been easier with the Universal Media Station's SD card reader which works with cards
up to 32GB in capacity. You can also save those pictures taken with your handheld console onto your computer. The
Media Station also stores 4 games, 2 styluses, and 2 SD cards (up to 32GB), so all your handheld essentials are neatly
organized, and right where you left them.
Features Include: Specifications:
» Charges your 3DS™ DSi™ or DSiXL ™ console. * Storage for 4 3DS"M games, 2 styluses, and 2 SD cards
* Organizes your system, games, and styluses. * Content management and system docking via USB
* SD Card Reader transfers your music & photos to a computer. Package Includes:
* Works with SD cards up to 32GB capacity. * (1) Universal Media Station
* 2 additional USB slots. * (1) USB cable
*3DS Console not included. * (1) AC Adapter
* (1) EU Adapter
Quantity Width Height Depth Weight UPC Barcode
Single 1 656777012144
Master 10656777012141
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