Download Artsound ART5.4

RF remote control
ART5.4 / ART8.8
This beautiful and practical
remote control has an easily
readable colour LCD display
and a practical navigation island which makes it
easy to operate the entire
system (choice of source,
sound control, volume, track
selection, etc.)
Wired wall control ART5.4 / ART8.8
These compact touch screen wall controls
allow interactive operation in the zone.
RM5.4/8.8easy *
One push of the button is
enough to select a different
music source and to regulate
the volume.
8-way wall transmitter*
One push of the button is enough to select
different sources, control the volume, or regulate
the zone. The wall transmitter consists of a basic
unit (410-00003) and is available in two standard
*required interface IF001
120-76100 - cover
120-0049-11 keys
121-76100 - cover
121-0049-11 keys
410-00003 (basic unit)
Thanks to the RS232 ports and Ethernet connection, we can also
facilitate integration with different types of home automation systems.
description audio distribution system for 4 zones
Class D amplifier components - 2 x 20 W RMS per zone
master zone for connection to external (surround) amplifier
2 x built-in FM tuner with RDS info
1 x digital audio players (USB slot, SD, Shared Media or Internet radio)
2 x external audio sourcers with IR control (e.g., iPod docking)
built-in bi-directional RF transceiver (2.4 GHz Zigbee)
wireless control option (max. 16 remote controls)
bus system for wired control (KNX cable)
Ethernet port (for set-up as well as control)
2 x serial RS232 port (integration with home automation applications...)
5 x configurable IR ports
4 x trigger inputs
1 x trigger outputs
future-proof via software updates (USB)
2 “party” modes (same music played in several zones)
event planner (via configuration menu; based on web interface)
power supply 110 V - 230 V
6 kg
dim. mm
115 x 436 x 415
ArtSound • Kazerneweg 15 • B-9770 Kruishoutem
tel. + 32-(0)9 380 81 80 • + 32-(0)9 386 12 35 • [email protected][email protected]
The ART5.4 is a high-quality audio distribution system allowing you to send up to 5
different sound sources to 4 sound zones.
Each zone is equipped with a powerful 2
x 20 watt RMS Class D amplifier component. In addition to the two FM tuners on
board, the ART5.4 can also process one
digital audio streams. This may originate
from Internet radio, an external hard drive,
a USB source device and/or an SD memory
card. An additional two external audio
sources may also be connected. The system
offers wireless bi-directional communication,
which for example means that you can see
the information on your intelligent remote
control for the music that is being played
in a certain zone: track details for an mp3
file, RDS information or a CD track. The unit
comes standard with 1 remote control.