Download LC-Power LC-1380Bmi

Mini-ITX LC-1380Bmi
(incl. LC75ITX PSU)
Case type: Mini-ITX Audio port: HD Audio
Motherboard: Mini-ITX; standard 171 x 1771 mm USB port: 2
PCI slot required Barcode: 4260070122545
Drive bays 5.25" external: 1 (slim - flat model) Case material: metal/plastic
Mounting option 2.5“ or 3.5" internal: 1 Mark of conformity: CE
Case fans standard/maximal: - Case colour: black glittering
Case dimensions h x w x d: 55 x 215 x 310 mm (incl. stand) Front panel colour: black glittering
Weight (retail): 2,620 kg Power supply: LC75ITX
Characteristics: Incl. ventilation slots (lateral), power adaptor with 20+4 pin mainboard,
1x 4 pin 12V, 1x SATA, 1x PATA, 1x FDD, power supply LC75ITX
with 75W max. (external/passive), stand for vertical use, chrome
applications, black glittering special coating, Slim Line SATA power
cable not included in delivery
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