Download hi-Fun HI-Tube

hi-Tube is the coolest aluminium stereo speakers, available in 6 stylish colors.
With its iPod® and iPhone® dock as well as its universal jack you can use it
with any mp3 player as well as your computer.
Put in batteries to go or connect it to your computer via USB, either way,
you will love the looks and the sound.
Compatible with iPhone® and iPod® family.
Design in aluminium
Frequency: 150-18000HZ
Distortion a: 80dB
Speaker: 1,5 inch, (OD:4mm), Magnete-free, 4 Ohm
Lineconnection: 3,5mm stereo sound jack
Power through 5V/1000ma
Batteries: 4AAA
USB connector
volume controller
Compatible with every music source through universal jack 3,5 mm