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Model #: WEXT3-5000XR
3-Year Extended Warranty - For SMART5000RT3UXR only
For SMART5000RT3UXR UPS System
Comprehensive repair coverage
Product replacement with no handling charges
Extended access to industry-leading customer support
Thank you for trusting Tripp Lite to protect your valuable equipment and data. As an additional service, Tripp Lite offers Extended Warranties to
enhance the 2-year product warranty that is standard with your Tripp Lite UPS System or External Battery Pack. The WEXT3-5000XR covers the
SMART5000RT3UXR UPS System (includes power module and two battery packs).
A 5-Year Extended Product Warranty is also available. Model #: WEXT5-5000XR
Model Type
UPS (3-Yr)
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