Download Philips Cable management mouse SPM5900B

Cable management mouse
I'm Portable
Smart and professional with an easy scroll wheel, I’ll be comfortable in your hand all day.
And what’s more, my hidden USB cable option will help to keep your workplace tidy.
Really easy
• Hidden USB cable option
• Cable length can be variable
• High-performance LED optic guarantees precision control
Travel pouch
• Pouch
Cable management mouse
Cable length: 600 mm
Plug and Play
Interfacing: USB 1.1, USB 2.0
• Scroll wheel
Cable management
• Optical
Hidden USB cable option
System Requirements
• Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.2.8 and above
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000,
Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows Vista,
Microsoft Windows XP
• USB: Free USB port
• Hidden USB cable
The cable is stored inside the mouse
Cable length can be variable
Easy cable management helps organise messy cables
so you can have a tidy desk, and the cable length is
adjustable to suit your needs.
Precise optical sensor
Philips optical technology ensures extra accuracy and
responsiveness. You can work with it on most
surfaces, including wood, plastic or paper.
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