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Technical Specifications
Punching/Binding Style
Maximum paper width
Number of punch holes
Punch Capacity
Binding Capacity (plastic combs)
Binding Capacity (wire elements)
Binding Capacity (ibiclick combs)
Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions
Product Code
manual / manual
315 mm
21 punches of which 7 are retractable
34 round holes, 3:1 pitch
20 sheets 80g or 6 sheets PVC covers
450 sheets ( Ø 51 mm combs 21 holes)
120 sheets ( Ø 14 mm combs 21 or 34 holes)
95 sheets (Ø 12 mm ibiClicks 34 holes)
11.5 kg
W425 x D425 x H125 mm
Features and Benefits
• Multi-function system combines both comb & 21 loop wire binding, 34 (3 :1) loop wire binding, or
with the new ibiClick binding
• Punches A5 & A4 size documents up to a maximum width of 315mm
• Simultaneous punch and bind facility for faster document finishing.
• Punching capacity: 20 x 80gsm paper per punch
• Binding capacity: 500 sheets 80gsm paper with plastic combs, and 125 sheets 80gsm paper
with wire
• Portable and easy to store
GBC reserves the right to modify specifications without notice.
IBICO – Multi-Function Binding Systems
IBICO ibiMaster 500 – Multi-function Office Binding System