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Kingston Digital Media Readers
Products: FCR-U2MS
Kingston’s Memory Stick Media Reader, model FCRU2MS, is ideal for users of today’s portable devices
such as digital cameras, MP3 players and PDA’s. The
FCR-U2MS Media Reader allows for quick and easy
transfer of data between the digital data device and a
PC or Mac through the USB port. The FCR-U2MS is a
true plug-and-play device powered by the USB port.
Product Specifications
Supported Media
• Memory Stick
Operating Systems Supported
• Windows 98
• Windows 2000
• Windows Millennium
• Windows XP
• Mac OS 9 (OS 9.0 - 9.2.2)
• Mac OS X (10.1.2 or above)
USB Specifications
• USB Specification: 1.1
• Device Class: USB Mass Storage Class
• Protocol: CBI/Bulk only
Device Features
• MSD compliant
• 5 Year Warranty
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