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Philips VisionLED
LED warning canceller
Lights that live on
Vision LED lights last 12 years, guaranteed.
Use Philips Vision LED warning canceller to remove the error signals (flashing, dash errors
and faults) that may occur for some vehicles with CANbus control system when installing
your LED bulb.
LED warning canceller
• Fits all cars
LED warning canceller
5W CANbus
Product description
Application: For interior lighting, For parking light
Voltage: 12 V
Wattage: 5 W
Range: Vision LED
• Technology: LED CANbus
• Type: LED warning canceller 5W
Marketing specifications
• Expected benefits: Warning canceller
• Product highlight: Removes error signals
Issue date 2014-08-29
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LED warning canceller
In some vehicles that are equipped with a CANbus
control system, the installation of LED bulbs may
cause error signals on the dashboard.The Philips
Vision LED 21W warning cancellers, avoids the error
signals caused by the failure diagnostic of the CANbus