Download V7 Cleaning Set for Smartphone & Tablet

V7 Cleaning Set for Smartphone & Tablet
Key Features
Pump spray plus microfibre cloth for streak free cleaning of touchpad devices, such
as tablet computers or smartphones
25 ml spray cleaner in aluminium bottle
20 x 20 cm microfibre cloth
Alcohol-free, non-combustible
The V7 cleaning products provide an optimal solution for all PC components and also for
all other office equipment around the workplace. So a thorough and proper cleaning and
thus a prolonged maintenance of value for your computer and office equipment is
The V7 Cleaning Kit for Smartphone & Tabletis specially made for the sensitive surfaces
of electronic devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. Its alcohol-free and non
flammeable chemical solution allows gentle and streak-free cleaning.
Spray cleaner on to the microfibre cloth, clean the surface and remove any residual liquid
with a dry section of the Microfibre cloth.
V7 Model VCL1007
IM SKU # J152281
25 ml cleaning liquid in aluminium bottle; Microfibre 20 x 20 cm white; Alcohol-free, noncombustible
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