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Air Command
Rock your gaming world with Gyro Sensor
September 2009
Play PC game with swing and twist. With the 3-axis Gyro Sensor, Air Command brings you a wireless motion-based
game controller and 3D mouse functionality. Once you plug in the RF receiver USB, you are ready to rock with more
than 300 PC games. Creative and intuitive graphics users’ interface guides you easily through all the PC games, and
built-in Gyro Sensor helps you sitting comfortably on the sofa with motion-triggered Media Center Remote Control.
You could swing, twist, shake to change the music, video or flipping through the TV channels. With the patented
“Multi Game Mode Design” Air Command can turn itself into “Gun Mode” (shooting game optimized), “Aviation Mode”
(flight simulator game optimized), “Race Mode” (car racing game optimized) and “Sports Mode” (tennis and golf games
„ 3 Axis Gyro Sensor for 1:1 real-time game response
„ Multi Game Mode Design
Sports Mode
Gun Mode
Race Mode
Aviation Mode
„ Wireless USB RF receiver
„ Creative and Intuitive Users’ Interface
„ Plug & Play
„ Support PC Games, No Game Console Anymore
„ Fully compliant with Win XP, MCE, Vista and Windows 7
„ Experience the true-to-life motion playing with 3-axis
accelerator and 2-axis gyroscope sensor
„ 4 modes-in-1 without any add-ons:
simply twist to transform between game modes
„ Special Gaming Users’ Interface to transform any PC game
played with a keyboard and mouse into an innovative
motion-driven experience.
„ No need to install or configure software for connecting the
controller to the USB receiver.
„ 2.4 GHz wireless USB connects you up to 10 m range
Technical specifications
USB Dongle
„ USB 2.0
„ RF 2.4 GHz
„ RF 2.4 GHz
„ G Sensor x 2 units (2 axis)
„ Gyro Sensor x 1 unit (3 axis)
„ MCU 8bit x 3 units
„ AA Battery x 2 units
Physical specifications
Controller (H x W x D)
210 x 32 x 35 mm
USB Dongle (H x W x D) 70 x 195 x 10 mm
160 g
USB Dongle
Norms, standards, compliances
System Requirements
„ For Game Playing:
Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4 GHz (Hyper-Threading)
AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+
Intel® Pentium® Mobile 1.3 GHz
„ Min. VGA card supports DirectX 9.0c
„ Min. 2 GB RAM
„ Min. 10 GB available free disk space
„ Free USB slot
„ Sound Card
„ Microsoft Windows 7 / XP / XP MCE 2005 / Vista
Package content
„ Air Command
„ USB Dongle
„ Wrist Strap
„ Installation CD
„ CyWee Tennis Game CD
„ Quick Installation Guide
„ Safety booklet
„ Helpdesk flyer
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