Download Miele DA 5496 W

Cleaning and care
Important for the controls
Do not leave soiling on the controls
for any length of time.
Otherwise they may suffer
discolouration or damage.
Remove soiling straight away.
 Please observe the general notes on
cleaning earlier in this section.
Do not use stainless steel cleaning
agents on the controls.
Important for appliances with glass
 Glass surfaces can be cleaned using
a proprietary non-abrasive cleaning
agent designed specifically for use
on glass.
Grease filters
The re-usable metal grease filters in the
appliance remove solid particles
(grease, dust, etc.) from the kitchen
vapours, preventing soiling of the
cooker hood.
 An oversaturated filter is a fire
Cleaning interval
The grease filters should be cleaned
regularly (at least every 3 - 4 weeks) to
avoid a build-up of grease.
Removing a grease filter
The grease filter can fall out when
you are handling it.
This can result in damage to the filter
and the hob below.
Make sure you hold the filter
securely at all times when handling
 To take out a grease filter, release the
locking clip on the filter, lower the
filter approx. 45°, unhook it at the
back and remove it.