Download Miele DA 5496 W

Before installation
 Before installation, it is important
to read the information given on the
following pages as well as the
"Warning and Safety instructions" at
the beginning of this booklet.
Protective foil
The housing components have
protective foil around them to protect
them from transport damage.
Should the appliance ever need to be
dismantled, follow the installation
instructions in reverse order as
described on the installation sheet. A
lever is supplied to assist with the
removal of the tower.
 After unscrewing the two fixing
screws on the tower,
 Please remove this foil before fitting
the housing components. It can be
peeled off easily.
Installation instructions
See enclosed Installation sheet for
instructions on how to install this
 push the lever between the tower and
the extension piece
 then lever the tower out of its fixings.