Download ASUS ET ET2301INTH-B043K

Using Ai Crosslink
Ai Crosslink lets you drag and drop and copy/paste files, text, and multimedia between
the All-in-One PC and another Windows® PC.
Installing Ai Crosslink
To install Ai Crosslink:
1.Connect one end of the provided ASUS Link cable to the designated USB port that supports
Ai Crosslink.
• Use only the provided ASUS Link cable when setting up Ai Crosslink. Using a cable other
than the provided ASUS Link cable can damage the port.
• Refer to the section Getting to know your All-in-One PC for the location of the USB port
designated for Ai Crosslink.
2.Connect the other end of the ASUS Link cable to any USB port on a PC running Windows®
3.On the All-in-One PC desktop, locate the ASUS
Ai Crosslink widget. Click the Ai Crosslink logo.
All-in-One PC ET2301