Download Siemens SIMATIC NET Operating instructions

Optical Link Module
Industrial Ethernet network component with repeater functionality
Optical power budget (FO)
This is available between a sender and receiver on a fiber-optic link. It indicates
the difference between the optical power coupled in to a particular fiber by the
optical transmitter and the input power required by an optical receiver for reliable
signal detection.
Optical power loss (FO)
The optical power loss is the cumulative value of all the losses occurring in the
fiber-optic transmission path. These are due mainly to the attenuation of the fiber
itself and the splices and couplings. The optical power loss must be less than the
optical power budget available between the transmitter and receiver.
Optical Redundancy Manager
Controls medium redundancy in an OSM ring
Optical Switch Module
Industrial Ethernet network component with switch functionality
Path Variability Value (PVV)
The variability value of a component describes the fluctuations in the propagation
time of a data packet through a network component. The path variability value is
the sum of all the fluctuations through all the network components between two
This means that standby equipment exists that is not required for the basic functioning of a system. If equipment fails, the standby can take over its function.
Medium redundancy:
An additional link closes the bus to form a ring. If there is a failure on part of the bus,
the redundant link is activated to maintain the functionality of the network.
Reference potential
The voltages of circuits are considered and/or measured relative to this potential.
SIMATIC NET Twisted-Pair and Fiber-Optic Networks