Download Miele H 258 Operating instructions

Guide to the oven
Grease filter
The filter helps to keep the oven fan
clean from moisture and grease.
When roasting or broiling, insert the
grease filter in front of the fan opening.
Roast probe
The rotisserie evenly broils and adds a
finishing touch to items such as stuffed
meat, poultry, and kabobs by gently
turning the skewers during the broiling
The skewers are inserted into the
rotisserie motor in the back panel.
Slide opener
The roast probe monitors the core
temperature of meat and poultry during
a roasting function.
The long pointed end of the probe is
inserted into the thickest portion of the
meat while the short end of the probe is
inserted into the roast probe socket.
Use the slide opener to remove the light