Download Asus P5Q DELUXE GREEN Specifications

CPU / Northbridge overvoltage setting (3-pin OV_CPU; 3-pin OV_NB)
These jumpers allow you to enable or disable the advanced CPU and
Northbridge overvoltage settings in BIOS. Read the following information
before you change the jumper settings. Set to pins 1-2 to activate the
advanced CPU / Northbridge overvoltage feature.
Pins 2-3 (Default)
up to 1.70V
up to 1.9V
Pins 1-2 (OV Enabled)
up to 2.10V
up to 2.2V
Before you change the jumper settings for extra-high overvoltage ability,
use the BIOS items introduced in 3.4 Ai Tweaker first to adjust the desired
CPU and Northbridge performance. Make sure your system function well
under the highest BIOS voltage settings before you change the setting of
these two jumpers.
Refer to 3.4 Ai Tweaker for more information about CPU and Northbridge
overvoltage settings.
DO NOT set the OV_CPU jumper to pins 1-2 when you install a new CPU
and have not booted for the first time. Doing so may cause the system to
halt. For system failure due to the wrong setting of the OV_CPU jumper,
shut down the computer and move the cap back to pins 2-3.
The system may need a better cooling system (for example, a water-cooling
system) to work stably under high voltage settings.
ASUS P5Q Deluxe